Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair

Learning how to fix a broken freezer will save you many frustrations. Below we will touch on some common signs of issue when it comes to your freezer.

Common Signs of a Broken Freezer

Frost Build-up

This is usually caused by an issue with your thermostat, timer or door deals. Being able to do your own repairs will require knowledge regarding the parts.

Unusual sounds

This is often a result of a busted blade or motor.

Freezer won't switch on

A freezer that won't start should lead you to examining the relay, thermostat and start capacitor. Understanding parts will assist you in this process.

Continuous Running

Assessing any of the timer, temperature control and thermostat will help you in diagnosing the cause.

Temperature is too cold

Freezers should be set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if the temperature is below this, it can be considered too low. Inspecting the thermostat, temperature control and control of the user will help you find a solution.

Temperatures are too high

In order to diagnose the issue, checking the defrost timer, thermostat and control will assist.

Freezer Repair Issues

Freezer Producing Puddles

The lines of supply that allow water dispensaries within the freezer may cause leaks, which results in puddles of water. A lack of credible features may initiate this. Every fridge will exhibit water in the form of ice melting and forms of condensation. When this mechanism breaks down, there may be pools of water on both the inner and outer.

Initial checks should be made to the supply line. Assess leakages where water dispensaries are present. If there is a leak located in the valve system, ensure compression of nuts are exemplary.

Replacing tubing in the freezer, which is a direct cause of the leaks should be tended too. This process is done to the saddle and inlet valve by using solid furnishings.

Drainage usually occurs underneath the refrigerator in a pan, allowing for evaporation after. Despite this, a fridge that is not evenly aligned can cause a leakage out the pan. By levelling the refrigerator may curb these concerns.

Clearing of tubes should be undertaken. Plugging the drainage tubes will cause leakage onto refrigerator parts. Removing the panel coverage should be done prior to unplugging the tubes.

Certain models of freezers necessitate floor panels being loosened. The use of heating can help melt away the ice build-up, then utilizing a sponge to mop the mess up. Cleaning the drain hole will also need to be done by blowing warm air.

The use of a fitted tube allowing entrance into the hole will suffice. Air compression devices will also help lower the density.

Noisy Freezer

Sounds are commonly originated within the evaporator motor, compressor or fan motor. If the fridge is on, expose the inside of the freezer. This should increase the sound, if not, pull the whole machine out.

It is common for freezer to have motor in line with the condenser fan. Unscrewing the backing of this will help determine where the sound is occurring. It may be from the one or the other sides. A new fridge would be needed in this case.

When opening the fridge, if the sound increases, this may be due to the evaporator fans motoring system. This system is usually the simplest replacement service. By loosening the backing, you will be able to complete this task.


Repairing appliance is an inevitable occurrence. Though, freezer repair is the simplest of them all. Understanding the inner workings of a freezer will go a long way in being able to diagnose issues.

If you live in the West Linn area, Select Appliance Repair have the team to assist you in working out what the cause of your freezer issue is. The team will even provide you the steps for finding that new part.