Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Fixing

You never realize how much we take our refrigerators for granted. It wasn't until very recently that we were able to store food for weeks without using ice or some other method like salting. Now at the tip of our fingers, we can just open a magical door and food appears before our eyes.

However, these things don't last forever and will need maintenance from time to time, that's why it's necessary to call in a professional technician who will service your machine promptly and correctly.

All the major brands like Kenmore and GE are just some of the few that our technicians here at Select Appliance Repair service on a daily basis. Even for the not so known brands, we have you covered.

In the meantime that your refrigerator is down, try keeping your food next to a cold source such as dry ice (it doesn't melt).

What Happened to My Refrigerator?

You may be scratching your head trying to figure out why your fridge isn't working. You'd hope that it's a simple piece that's not working which can be replaced or repaired usually within 24 hours. A decent amount of the time it's a simple clogged pathway or something that can be tweaked at home. That's for the simple repairs, however.

Before you start going into your fridge like a toolkit you need to diagnose what exactly is happening and why. This involves a bit of research on your part to learn how a refrigerator works and how the components interact with one another to get your nice and cool food storage machine.

It all sounds straightforward but as you've seen with any type of machinery repair, that is far from the truth. There's a reason our technicians have spent years servicing hundreds of different models and appliances in order to see how they differ in approach to fixing. On top of that, they've done extensive training and licensing to ensure you of their credentials to fix them.

Some Problems You May Encounter

Food Spoiling Quickly

If your food seems to be going bad faster than normal then it probably means your fridge isn't cool enough. This is a common problem when there's a lot of buildup around the condenser coils which helps to lower the temperature of the fridge.

If that doesn't solve anything then the problem is a different issue. The cool air may not be circulating correctly around the fridge to keep the overall temperature even. So some food may be fine but other items go faster than they normally would.

Louder Than Normal

Your refrigerator always has a low hum due to the fans and motor running. If either of these is broken or blocked then you could run into a larger issue down the line if they aren't fixed promptly. Your freezer could also be the problem since it's connected to the fridge either up top or down low. Have us come in to take a look for you if you're unsure.


Water leaks are always fun as any plumber will tell you. But with a fridge, there are a lot more options that could be giving you grief. It could be the line that brings water to the ice maker or the pan that collects melted water being tipped too far to one side. Whatever the case may be we'll help you every step of the way.

What Should I Do?

If you're in the Gardner, KS area then here at Select Appliance Repair we strive our best to ensure that you have fully functioning appliances within the same day as your class to us. For 15 years we've been helping families and people get the appliances they love back in working order. Give us a call soon.